SRP Shipping is an accredited member of the following organisations


Department: Trade and Industry


South African Association of Freight Forwarders


Durban Chamber of Commerce and Industry


SRP Shipping

SRP Shipping was founded in Durban in 1997 and is established as a vibrant clearing and forwarding company with our own representation in both Durban and Johannesburg.


SRP Shipping

The Durban head office is conveniently located at SRP House in Pickering Street, while the City Deep, Johannesburg premises boast a Customs Bonded Warehouse as well as a vast 2400m2 warehouse, generously equipped with ramps, forklifts and trucks, and staffed to meet all the service needs of our clients.

Fully Independent

SRP Shipping

SRP Shipping is the enviable position of owning all their warehouse space, offices, equipment and trucks, ensuring a secure and constant service delivery to our client.   We are not reliant on third party warehousing facilities or vehicles, allowing for accurate and efficient logistics planning.